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🌟 Imagine having an entire hour of serenity before and after our regular schedule, all to yourself. As a member, this oasis of calm is yours.

📅 Thursdays become your sanctuary with Member-Only access, offering a respite from the week's hustle and bustle.

🎁 Our Quarterly Loyalty Gift is our way of saying "Thank You" for choosing us.

📈 Monthly Wellness Scans keep you on the path to well-being, providing vital insights into your health journey.

🗣️ Enjoy a 30-minute monthly consult, where we tailor our services to your unique wellness goals.

💰 And the best part? You save an incredible $1320 yearly!

Become a Mia H.A.S. Solutions Wellness Center member today and elevate your well-being journey. Experience exclusivity, savings, and a supportive community like never before. 🌿✨




Promote Consistency, Put Self-Care First, and Save $$!

 Unlock a holistic journey like no other with our exclusive October bundle! Immerse yourself in 60 minutes of pure relaxation and rejuvenation, combining the power of:

🌧️ **Raindrop Therapy  

🔥 **BioMat Session 

🧘 **NuCalm Session 

**Flexibility at Your Fingertips:**

- Use sessions at your convenience: Enjoy the freedom to use one, two, or all three sessions in a single visit or spread them across multiple visits.

- Bundles are transferrable: Share the gift of wellness with friends or family.

- Once you purchase your bundle, a link to schedule sessions will be sent via email.


**Why Choose Our Bundle?**

- Promote Consistency: Regular sessions provide lasting benefits for your well-being.

- Put Self-Care First: Invest in yourself and your health with this comprehensive package.

- Save $$: Enjoy significant savings of $90 with this limited-time offer.

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